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New and Refurbished Computers Laptops Tablets
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We supply both new and refurbished systems.

If you require a new system, we can supply different models and specifications to your requirements. Custom built systems are always available, you tell us your requirements and we will work out the right system and price for you. All new systems come with a 12 months warranty.

Refurbished tower computers, laptops, tablets are always in stock at very reasonable prices. They come with a 3 months parts and labour warranty for your piece of mind and will also be setup if required. If you require data or programs to be transferred, then this will also be included.
stock changes regularly, please feel free to enquire what we have.

For any advice or enquiries for new or refurbished, please contact us

Tel: 01772 469973
Mobile: 07890 692499
Email: info@pcclick.co.uk
Use our enquiry form Here

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