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Screen Repairs
Laptop broken screen image Replacement laptop screens fitted
If your laptop has been accidentally dropped and the screen is damaged or the screen has developed lines, we can collect your laptop, order your screen, replace it and have it back to promptly. If the laptop has suffered damaged to the lid or hinges, this can also be replaced.
Ipad broken screen image

Replacement tablet screens fitted
If your tablet screen is broken, it may be just the top screen called the digitizer that needs to be replaced or when the power button is pressed and its not lighting up, it could also be the screen.We can diagnose the problem and advise on the best option.

Other screen replacements are available including different models of tablets and Nintendo ds.

For any advice or enquiries on screen replacements please contact us below

Tel: 01772 469973
Mobile: 07890 692499
Email: info@pcclick.co.uk
Use our enquiry form Here

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