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Service and Upgrades

Why have your computer or laptop serviced or upgraded?

Answer: its cost effective and saves you money

Reason: if your computer or laptop is running slow and its not a pleasure to use i.e. you turn it on and go and make a cup of tea to wait for it starting up, you might think you need a new one, but it could just need a service or upgrade and it can be running as new again. This will depend on how old your computer or laptop is and we can advise on the best solution for your requirements.

Here are some examples of what can be done to improve the running of a computer or laptop:

Remove unwanted programs and temporary files
Check and remove any viruses or spyware
Remove all dust and re-apply thermal paste to the processor (the thermal paste keeps the processor cool)
Add more memory (programs run in memory and the more you have the quicker they can run)
Check hard drive for errors and correct them or replace the hard drive
Defragment the hard drive (organizes the file structure for faster access)
Re-install the operating system to the state when it was first purchased (this removes all unwanted programs and files)
Add a more powerful graphics card (helps if you use graphic intense programs or playing games)

Gives us a call and we will inspect your computer or laptop and advise you on the best possible solution.

For any advice or enquiries on a service or upgrade please contact us below

Tel: 01772 469973
Mobile: 07890 692499
Email: info@pcclick.co.uk
Use our enquiry form Here

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